Nathan M. Couch

Marketing Manager / Marketing + Communications

Nathan M. Couch, Digital Design + Development Manager / Marketing + Communications

Harris & Associates counts on Nathan to literally keep the firm looking good. In his primary role as digital designer and development manager, he ensures Harris' virtual presence—including this website—remains in top form.

As such, he's an instrumental part of how Harris communicates its story to the clients and communities it serves—and those it seeks to serve in the future.  

Nathan's talents are wide-ranging. A construction specialist of a different sort, he excels at web design and development, motion graphics, graphics design, and digital marketing. Prior to joining the Harris team, he spent more than seven years working in a similar capacity at a global professional-services firm.  

It's no surprise that a creative savant like Nathan enjoys artistic pursuits outside of the office, too. Among his favorites are music and stand-up comedy.

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